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    $350,000Liquid Capital Required
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About this Franchise

Primrose Schools is The Leader in Educational Child Care®. As an accredited private preschool, their proprietary Balanced Learning® System provides high quality educational experiences that address multiple aspects of growth -- social-emotional, cognitive, creative and physical -- at each stage of early childhood development. Their curriculum was created by early childhood educators through extensive research and is updated on a yearly basis to ensure that they are consistently on the cutting edge.

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What makes this franchise different?

In 1998, Primrose became the first educational preschool company to earn national accreditation from CITA/SACS CASI (now part of AdvancED) paving the way for others to follow. In 2012, Primrose earned Corporation Systems Accreditation based on the AdvancED Standards for Quality Early Learning Schools -- the highest-level accreditation an early learning school can receive -- ensures each school meets high standards specific to early learning, development and care. The Standards focus on how well schools prepare children for future success as well as how they address the health and safety of children in the facility. Primrose is set apart by the high quality experience they provide - their people and culture, Balanced Learning System for full development of a child's skills, standards of excellence, and their partnership with parents.

Ideal Franchising Candidate

Primrose is passionate about children and providing the best and most trusted educational child care and child care services to families across America. Franchise owners must oversee the daily operations onsite and build trusted relationships with families and staff while operating as the CEO of their school(s). No previous education experience is required, but interest in providing a foundation for children's growth is crucial. Many franchisees are current or former parents of a Primrose student.

Primrose Schools Video Walkthrough

* All content in this video is as of 08/12/2012. For the most up-to-date information, please see above or visit the franchise website.
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This is Sofia with, and today we're going to talk about the franchise opportunity with Primrose Schools.

What is a Primrose Schools franchise?
A Primrose Schools franchise is educational childcare that caters to children from infants to kindergarten. They are located all across the country, and they've been in business for over 25 years.

What are the capital requirements for investing with Primrose Schools?
The capital requirements to get involved are $350,000 and the net worth they require is $500,000. Now the investment range starts at $2.9 million all the way to $3.9 million. The reason that is a little bit higher than the others is because there is a large real estate component involved.

What makes Primrose Schools different as compared to other childcare franchises?
Well Primrose really focuses on education, not just watching your kids. Actually, they were the first educational preschool organization to receive accreditation by AdvanceED. A high quality educational experience, Primrose delivers the best and most trusted early education and child care services to families across America.

Who is the best franchisee for Primrose Schools?
Primrose is looking for someone who's really passionate about education as well as children, and really able to commit time to the business. A great thing about Primrose is that you don't need prior educational experience, so it's really something everyone can get involved with.

To learn more about the franchise opportunity with Primrose Schools, please click the form below or visit and search "Primrose Schools."

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