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    $120,000Liquid Capital Required
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About the Franchise

uploaded image In 1985, foodies in Seattle, WA wanted to make "the world's greatest cinnamon roll" for a new brand they were developing. They hired a local food connoisseur, and after three months, hundreds of kitchen experiments and many trips to Indonesia to find the best, most flavorful cinnamon, the team perfected the Cinnabon® recipe and opened the first Cinnabon bakery on Dec. 5, 1985. From there, the Cinnabon brand has become world famous with more than 900 bakeries in more than 40 countries. Cinnabon focuses on diverse and flexible bakery layouts, from their full bakeries to express and co-branded locations. They have assembled a team of experts who share the same goal: to help make the franchisees happy and successful.

What makes this franchise different?

Cinnabon's strategic locations in high-traffic areas including shopping malls, universities, casinos, amusement parks, military bases, train stations, and airports afford them exceptional exposure. The Cinnabon brand is one of the most recognized franchises in the world, and their success continues to spread with their traditional full bakeries as well as their express bakery layout. How many other brands can say they are recognized by sweet scent alone?

Ideal Franchising Candidate

The ideal franchisee must be excited for the opportunity to own their own Cinnabon Bakery and care for their Guests. They should have a proven record of success in the foodservice industry and should enjoy participating in their community. However, Cinnabon does offer an internship program to evaluate and train and otherwise ideal candidate without restaurant experience. Cinnabon has been serving delicious goodies for more than 25 years through their Full Bakeries (investment range: $191,800 - $392,989) and their Express Bakeries (investment range: $36,126 - $95,470). Make your dream a reality and experience the sweet rewards of becoming a Cinnabon Franchise Partner!

Cinnabon franchising opportunities are available around the country, but especially in these locations:

Cinnabon Video Walkthrough

* All content in this video is as of 08/12/2012. For the most up-to-date information, please see above or visit the franchise website.
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This is Sofia with, and today I'm going to talk about franchising with Cinnabon.

So what is a Cinnabon?
Cinnabon is a coffee and bakery franchise. They started in Seattle in 1985. They offer a variety of fresh, baked products including their original Cinnabon. You can find them in non-traditional locations not on the street. So they started off in malls and they're primarily in malls, but you can find them in airports, casinos, as well they just started co-branding their express locations.

So what are the financial requirements to become a Cinnabon franchisee?
$400,000 net worth
$120,000 liquid capital
Single locations permitted

So what makes Cinnabon different?
To begin with, everyone knows what a Cinnabon is, not only from their bakery locations but from their in-store products with Pillsburg or Kelloggs.

Who's a good fit to be a Cinnabon franchisee?
They require franchisees to be very hands-on as well as very passionate about the brand and that enjoy giving back to their communities.

To learn more about the Cinnabon franchise opportunity, you can fill out the form below or go to and search "Cinnabon."

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