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About this Franchise

When Tom Carvel's® ice cream truck broke down in 1934, customers lined up to buy his frozen treats - and the idea for a stationary Ice Cream Shoppe was born. One of the most widely-known ice cream franchises, Carvel now has over 440 stores in 25 states (as well as Puerto Rico) and 5 international markets. Carvel lit up faces with handmade ice cream and unique experiences long before the other ice cream and frozen yogurt players jumped onto the bandwagon. In a world of imitators, Carvel will always be the original.

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What makes this franchise different?

Carvel's brand awareness is greater than 90% in its core markets. They have an extensive training program, which was founded by Tom Carvel in the '40s - The Carvel College of Ice Cream Knowledge, known to insiders as "Sundae School." Carvel also sells their products in many grocery stores, creating even greater awareness for their brand. Stores can be in any type of location - from street-side to stadiums or airports, as well as co-branded opportunities with Schlotzsky's and Cinnabon. Carvel presents Franchise Partners with a strategic way to grow their business by offering the opportunity to open one of their newly designed Full Shoppes, The Carvel Express Shoppe, The Carvel Cup & Cone and the Carvel Self-Serve concept, each of which are designed to work in various locations. These concepts allow the opportunity to offer their delicious ice cream products in a wide array of venues.

Ideal Franchising Candidate

The ideal Carvel franchise owner must be a highly motivated, experienced professional with prior restaurant and or business experience. However, Carvel does offer an internship program to evaluate and train and otherwise ideal candidate without restaurant experience. It is important that Carvel Franchise Partners have enthusiasm about the brand and show passion about owning their own ice cream franchise.

Carvel Video Walkthrough

* All content in this video is as of 08/12/2012. For the most up-to-date information, please see above or visit the franchise website.
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This is Sofia with, and today we're going to talk about franchising with Carvel.

What is a Carvel Ice Cream franchise?
Carvel started in New York in 1934, and they were the nation's first retail franchise for ice cream. They have a variety of different locations where you can do a street-side as well as non-traditional.

So what are the investment requirements to become a Carvel franchise?
$400,000 net worth
$120,000 liquid capital
single locations permitted

So what makes the Carvel franchise different?
First of all it's their heritage. They started in 1934 so they really own the ice cream market. In their core markets they have 90% brand awareness, which is really in the northeast and Florida. And a lot of people really resonate with the old Tom Carvel commercials. Also what makes them different - they're in 10,000 supermarkets selling their cakes so that gives a lot more brand awareness for maybe locations that they're not in.

So who is a good fit to be a Carvel franchisee?
They're looking for somebody that's very hands-on, that's going to be in the shop every day and interact with the families that come in. As well as they're looking for somebody that's very active in the community. Carvel has options where you can do catering for birthday parties and things of that nature.

If you'd like to learn more about franchising with Carvel, you can fill out the form below or visit and search "Carvel."

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